Southern Fabrication

Glass Balustrade

We can offer you a bespoke Frameless Glass Balustrade, no need for any posts or supports, Just nice clean lines, without anything obstructing your view.

Our material are only obtained from long established suppliers to us.

Please be aware though, there are many cheap copys available & sold in the U.K. market,  it is only when they are installed, is it found out to the customers expence, that these copys do not comply with our U.K. building regulations.

 Glass set into a track.
( This is the most expensive Option with 19mm Glass. )




Glass posts only, with NO top rail.
( More cost effective, due to quicker installation time and thinner glass 10mm )

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Please note that this is a system that requires a good structural fixing down to the deck, as the glass acts as a canteliver for the track.

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